Political and Social Aspects of the Green Revolution


The section on the politics and policies of the Green Revolution incorporates a wide variety of topics.  Beginning with a discussion on the perceptions of biopiracy in developing countries and whether this could cause isolationism and distrust between developing and developed countries in  Biopiracy and Brazil: Does biopiracy encourage isolation, and leading into a discussion involving the oil industry in The Green Revolution and the Future of the Oil Industry .  The book will then continue with addressing the various involvements within the green revolution, but also move into a comparison of the Soviet agricultural model with the U.S. supported Green Revolution model and looks at Angola and India for case studies of their efficacy in Green Revolution versus Soviet Agriculture. Continuing to analysis the government response, in terms of policy, to the socioeconomic conditions created from the Green Revolution in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India in The Green Revolution: Do Farm Subsidies have Farmers Ears?  Finally, the last section of the book serves as a transition between the next book addressing specific case studies of the Green Revolution and this section on the politics and policies of Green Revolution. The Green Revolution: Social Consequences addresses the social inequalities caused by certain technologies of the Green Revolution and an examination of how poor segments of society have been affected by these technologies. More specifically, the impact of gender will also be examined. Overall addressing the questions, was the Green Revolution the force that ended poverty, rural unemployment, and malnutrition that some scholars argue it is and  is it important to examine if the Green Revolution lived up to these high expectations?


List of posts: 

Biopiracy and Brazil: Does biopiracy encourage isolation by Sam Himes

The Green Revolution and the Future of the Oil Industry by Katy Dalenberg

Green Revolution versus Soviet Agriculture by Sasha Cottle

The Green Revolution: Do Farm Subsidies have Farmers Ears? by Joseph Bedell

The Green Revolution: Social Consequences by Janelle Germanos