An Introduction to the Historical Significance of the Green Revolution

In this section, we will analyze some of the characteristics, changes and effects of the Green Revolution. Some of our research focuses on how certain policies eitherexacerbated or hindered the Green Revolution in specific countries. We look at historical policies that were taken across different regions over the 20 th century and how they’ve impacted today’s agricultural institutions and social change. Comparing both socialist and capitalist systems, as well as the various policies used within these systems, the following papers show the dramatic differences with the historic implementation of the Green Revolution in various countries and regions, while also highlighting their similarities.

Contributing Articles:

Labor and Economic Effects of the Green Revolution Through History by Peter St.Jean

Malawi’s Subsidized Miracle: The Green Revolution in Africa by Connor Brassil

The Paradox of the Green Revolution in India by Erika Roberts

The Historical Effectiveness of the Green Revolution on Reducing Hunger by Aman Parikh

Economic Effects of the Green Revolution in Pakistan by Ben Aaron

History: The Green Revolution in Pakistan by Dustin Dwyer

Markets, Farms, and Communism by Frank Muraca