Introduction to the Case studies specifically outlined in relation to the Green Revolution.

Case studies are experiments and data collection for specific regions or areas, to explain a specific trend or idea. These case studies capture controversial outcomes due to the green revolution and give us some quantifiable data. Most of these case studies take place in the Southwest Asia, with one examining diets in the United Kingdom. These case studies are essential to the examination of the green revolution because it provides specific problems and evolution of societies due to the growth of technology, displaying how powerful progress in ways to sustain us through our daily courses can influence a whole lifestyle and population development. These scholarly articles should provide insight on topics that readers find interesting and thought provoking.

Contributing Articles:

The Organic Revolution – The Truth Behind Organic Food By Ryan Nau

Effects of the Green Revolution on Rural, Small-Scale Farmers and Relevant Case Studies. By Tori Rodriguez

Women in Southeast Asia and the Green Revolution By Mary Gillespie

The Green Revolution and Famine By Grace Wilber

The Impact of Indian Farmer Debt on Suicide Rate By Sara Bannach

The Green Revolution: Growth and Political change affecting Rural Conditions By Mohamed Lahlou

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